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What can I expect from TRA Endovascular?Vein & Vascular FAQ

Our team of dedicated physicians and staff will provide you with education, expert are, and post-treatment guidance to ensure you have the best experience and results. From the free consultation to the day of the treatment, you will know what to expect every step of the way.

What treatments are available for vein disease?

TRA Endovascular offers a wide range of minimally invasive, outpatient procedures to treat vein and vascular issues. During a free consultation, one of our expert providers may suggest a particular procedure or treatment to address specific concerns. Services offered at TRA Endovascular include:

  • Adhesive Venous Closure
  • Ambulatory Phlebectomy
  • Radiofrequency Venous Ablation
  • Cosmetic Sclerotherapy Injection
  • Ultrasound-Guided Sclerotherapy

How long does it take to perform the treatment?

Most treatments take between 1-2 hours to perform, and result in quick relief of your symptoms, often within days or weeks of the procedure.

What are the risks with/without treatment?

Venous reflux disease is a progressive medical condition and if left untreated, may lead to worsening symptoms, skin changes, and in a small set of patients, venous ulcers.

How are varicose veins diagnosed?

Varicose veins are diagnosed with a history and physical exam and with a venous insufficiency ultrasound examination.

What happens during a consultation?

During a consultation, one of our providers will review your symptoms and past medical history with you. They will do a thorough physical exam focusing on venous disease. After reviewing the ultrasound images, they will come up with a comprehensive treatment plan to address your specific needs.

What results should I expect?

Most patients start to feel better the day after their procedure. You will notice symptoms related to your venous disease decrease. Over the span of a few weeks after the procedure, symptoms should be significantly improved. Many of the skin changes related to the venous disease can be reversed with treatment.

Will I need to be hospitalized or take time off work?

We recommend no heavy lifting for a week after the procedure. Most patient return to work the next day. You will not require hospitalization.

Do I need a referral for vein treatment?

No, you do not need a referral to see one of our vein specialists.

Does insurance cover vein treatment?

Most insurances will cover vein treatment. Many, however, require a trial of compression stockings prior to any procedure. The compression stocking trial can range from 6-12 weeks based on your insurance provider’s requirements.

Why TRA Endovascular?

At TRA Endovascular, we use a multi-modality approach to diagnose and treat venous insufficiency, putting an end to discomfort and a beginning to healthy legs. We use the most recent advances in imaging and interventional technology to help patients from diagnosis to treatment. Our subspecialty trained vascular physicians will work with you to come up with a personalized treatment plan to address specific vein problems.

TRA Endovascular is the only vein care center in the south Puget Sound where patients can receive a full spectrum of care – from imaging and diagnosis, consultation, and treatment, all in the same facility.



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