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At TRA Endovascular, we believe in a collaborative approach to treating patients. That means we are here to consult with you and your patients on effective, minimally invasive, cost effective treatment options.


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Referral Forms

Download Referral Forms

Access our library of referral forms and other helpful resources.
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Peer to Peer

Peer to Peer Education

Whether it's a peer to peer meeting in your office, or presenting to a larger audience after hours, our TRA Endovascular providers welcome the opportunity to educate clinicians on the services we offer.
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Journal Articles

Journal Articles & Blog Posts

Stay up to date on the latest journals and blog posts in the world of Interventional Radiology.
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Provider Portals

TRA offers a couple of different portal solutions to streamline patient care. The TRA/DINW PACS Portal is more widely used because of it’s easy access to reports and images. If you need a tool for ordering exams or procedures electronically, check out the MI Provider Portal!


  • For referring providers¬†and¬†support staff
  • Quick access to reports and images
  • Includes a dashboard showing status of your referred patients
  • Please allow up to one week for processing new accounts
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MedInformatix Providers-Only Portal

  • For referring providers-only (not available to support staff)
  • Offers the ability to order electronically and view reports/images
  • This new portal is ideal for providers who currently do not have an EMR or the ability send orders electronically
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MI Provider Portal
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