TRA Medical Imaging and its affiliates are offering immediate financial support through the COVID-19 crisis

“Effective immediately, we are doing a 30 day pause on any medical debt owed to any of our managed facilities” said Mr. Chris Coates, CEO for TRA Medical Imaging (“TRA”). “This change will be effective for TRA Medical Imaging locations, Diagnostic Imaging Northwest locations, The Carol Milgard Breast Center, and our Union Avenue Open MRI location.  TRA has always had very generous financial assistance plans, interest free repayment plans and financial aid grant matching that mirrors what our community partners offer. This is just another option for our patients during this unfortunate time.”

“Our providers and staff are on the front lines delivering medical care to the communities we serve in a time of unprecedented need,” states Douglas Seiler, M.D. TRA’s Physician President. “But the financial health and well-being of our community also can’t be ignored” adds Seiler.  “Our core value as an organization is simply: Patients First. As we all cope with this crisis together, anything we can do to ease the anxiety for our community frankly is the right thing to do.”

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